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Vehicle CCTV System

Our MDVR monitoring systems provide the perfect surveillance solution for vehicles and are widely used in buses, commercial vans, taxis, school buses, cars, tanker trucks and other vehicles.

Fleet Management & Tracking System

With the CMS fleet management and vehicle tracking system, you can manage your fleet more efficiently by having easy access to your fleet information - anytime, anywhere.

Vehicle Integrated Devices

SMART Operation Vehicle Solutions

i Vision is forging ahead with Smart Operation Vehicle Solutions that are helping transportation operators embrace smart technologies to increase efficiency, improve decision making, as well as to help drivers avoid accidents.

In-Vehicle Customized Solutions

i Vision Private Ltd specialises in providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions for Land Transport Industry.

Revosys Pte Ltd

i Vision partnering with Revosys to provide customers with complete integration solutions.


Media-On-Demand System
Infinite Space Media On Demand system for coaches enables coach companies to provide passengers with an enjoyable and exciting travel experience every time.

WIFI Streaming Solution
This solution offers your passengers the media experience through their mobile devices.

Telematics Solution
This solution has greatly revolutionized the way commercial fleet companies run business by real-time fleet management with cloud-based platform.

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