Fleet Management & Tracking System

Vehicles Tracking
Management System (VTMS)

Powerful and Intelligent Online Fleet Management and Vehicle Monitoring System

Our Central Monitoring Software (CMS) is  designed for network monitoring and intelligent scheduling.
The system can manage 100,000 vehicles through four main functional modules including remote administration module, video transmission module, grouping management module and information search module. We provide customized module development and module integration according to customer's specific requirements.

With the CMS fleet management and vehicle tracking system, you can manage your fleet more efficiently by having easy access to your fleet information - anytime, anywhere.

IVMSServer Central Management Server

IVMSServer Central Management Server is a Wireless Network for centralized management and monitoring of all types of mobile assets. It is a high-quality, high-efficiency centralized and distributed network management architecture that provides network transmission of video, audio, data and other multimedia information for users to perform real-time remote video monitoring, GPS maps positioning, video storage, vehicle scheduling, recorded vehicle data playback and tracking, voice intercom and alarm warning security work.

Users have the option of deploying 1 or 2 of the 7 Functional Servers stated above such as, Login Servers, Multiple Gateways Servers, Media Streaming Servers, Multiple Users Management Servers to provide Mobile DVR and Remote Client Services and features as GPS Location, Video and Alarms.

- Database Server
- Login Server
- Gateway Server
- Media Server
- User Server
- Storage Server
- WIFI Download Server
- Web Server

Desktop Client and Mobile Client

Desktop Client

IVMS Client builds a remote management platform with GPS satellite positioning system, the internet, mobile communication, cloud computing and other applications. It realizes remote real-time monitoring, GPS location, track playback, alarm linkage, remote recording, remote video download and playback, GEO-fence, etc. It provides users with the evidence such as pictures, video, audio and other data after accidents.

The system has a full range of functions such as real-time video monitoring, GPS, vehicle tracking, GEO-Fence, voice intercom, alarm linkage, video storage/upload, remote upgrade, text to speech, statistical analysis (eg: speed, fuel consumption), user permission setting and management and more.

Mobile Client

iCarview App is a very useful application with user-friendly interface. Users can have real-time video, GPS tracking, vehicle movement history playback, speed information, specific video search and playback, snapshot and other functions to monitor their vehicles.

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